Sunday, December 28, 2014


For the 8th time and that is just incredible on these days were boat design evolves so quickly. That can only be explained by the very particular conditions that we find on this race that, contrary to most sea and wind conditions, favors narrow hulls and as we know that recent design hull developments favor beamier hulls. Also the use of the recent foil technology to increase dynamically righting moment (DSS) allowed just the bit extra performance to this already old hull to continue to be the fastest on this race on these conditions,
Comanche lost the race when he meat confused seas and light winds were the difference in speed for Wild Oats can be huge. Comanche, had found on the final part of the race stronger downwind winds and calm seas and started an impressive recovery but not in time to catch Wild Oats.

Regarding the rest of the fleet we assisted to several boats giving up with problems, among them some of the favorites, Giacomo with a broken mast, Perpetual Loyal making water after having hit something and a favorite of mine, Last Tango, the Salona 44 with bad luck having to head for port with a crew member with problems on his back and damaging the sails while trying to get back to the race. Other boats are making a great race too and I confess that besides the ones that win on real time I like to have a look at the smaller boats doing a great race and that's the case with Chutzpah, a Caprice 40 (Rachel&Pugh), Patrice, a Ker 46 (Ker), Simply Fun, a Chinese made HH42 (Judel&Vrolijk), Midnight Rumbler, a Ker 40 (Ker), Cadiparra 8 an older Jones 42 (Jones), After Midnight, a modified Farr 40 and the first "cheap" boat, Ariel, a First 40, all of them surrounded by much bigger boats.

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