Friday, December 26, 2014


Wild Oats is coming closer and closer, on the upwind strong conditions...and if the conditions will prevail I bet we will see another leader, specially if the winds continue to fall of intensity. Great racing and great fight, so great that I have not have even looked conveniently to the smaller boat's race. Some more great movies, one taken already at open sea and two different ones from the start.

 Comanche is really impressive on a beam reach but I had noticed two things: It has to carry a lot more sail than Wild Oats, it takes much more time taking the sails out (rolling) and he makes a much bigger wake.... But what power and stability!!! It was to be expected the boat to be a rocket downwind and on a beam reach but I am amazed at how little it loses to Wild Oakes upwind on nasty conditions and on pointing ability. Truly outstanding: Verdier and VPLP have pulled out a boat that would be pretty much unbeatable on most conditions. I guess the most unfavorable will be here, with strong upwind winds and nasty seas and on the med with weak and variable winds.

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