Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Well, not much, only images but as they say "images are worth more than a thousand words" and through them we can see a very modern sailboat, kind of a cruiser on a 36ft solo open racer hull, a bit as it was already with the 10.50, but the hull is more modern now with chines, a huge form stability and designed to sail with little heel.

The boat looks even better than on the model I had posted the photo and we have now a look at the interior, that seems to have doors :-) What we can see a modern interior not very different from the one of the 10.50 but with a lot more light, coming from those frontal "windows", that will allow a good forward view, and from bigger port hulls.

The saloon is probably smaller since the boat has now 3 cabins and the head is now between the front cabin and the saloon. An interesting detail allows the galley to be bigger, with the use of a bench aft the saloon table.

It seems a worse distribution than on the previous model since a storage space will be needed anyway. Regarding that, the front cabin can be transformed on a storage space. Better to fly a spinnaker but worse in what regards cruising. The design is from Finot/Conq that just used the same type of frontal "windows" used first by Valer on the JPK 10.80

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