Sunday, December 7, 2014


Yes, this one is about Nostalgia. I saw on the net an old movie about boat building in England 70 years ago, a movie that contrary to the usual had a good image. I found it interesting and it made me remember the times where that type of boat building was one of the main activities on the fishing town of Peniche (Portugal), the port near my house. Here on the 70's the traditional wood boat building was still a florescent business and almost all fishing boats were made locally.
On the 80's I bought my first sailboat, an old and traditional Canoa do Tejo and with the help of naval carpenters I modified it for coastal cruising, closing the boat with a full deck and increasing the size of the keel with a steel structure with 200kg of lead inside. It worked, the stability was increased and I sailed the west coast of Portugal with it. Great memories. I hope you enjoy the movie and if not, forgive this sentimental journey :-)

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