Saturday, December 27, 2014


That was before, now Wild Oats leads with a comfortable 40nm lead, the biggest difference between the two boats and confirms my suspects that on Comanche they should have kept a low profile in what regards all those statements about their boat being the fastest sailing monohull on the planet. I don't think Comanche will be able to catch Wild Oats that sails for another of the many consecutive victories on this race. What happened? Easy, light wind and bad seas, the worst conditions for Comanche type of boat, put him sailing at about half the speed of Wild Oats. The weak wind was enough to allow the  low drag hull of Wild Oats to slice through the confused seas while not enough to allow enough power for Comanche to force the passage trough it.
A great race as usual, cheers to the Australians and New Zealanders whose sailing passion has only a parallel with the French. I wish more countries will follow them on the love of sailing  that is also ours.
Some great movies about the Sydney Hobart race:

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