Monday, December 15, 2014

POGO 36 / POGO 10.50

Let's compare dimensions and try to understand how different will the new boat be versus the old one. First dimensions for the 10.50, all the measures in m, t, m2.

LOA: 10.50/10.86. Beam: 3.90/4.00. Weight: 3.6/3.6. Draft : 2.80-1.05/2.93-1.10. SA u: 71/74

So what does this tell us? It tells that it is a more powerful and faster boat: Slightly bigger, more beam and more draft probably for an identical ballast, or slightly bigger. Also the chines will increase boat stiffness and will contribute to the bigger power. That extra power has a reflex on the sail area the boat can carry, about more 5%.

Regarding hull design that's the biggest difference and a remarkable one since the boat looks different viewed from behind and at the bow. Very curious the bow and the forward sections, designed to create lift and to drive the spray away.

It is amazing the difference that some few years can make on cutting edge boat design. I have no doubt this boat will be a rocket and I am very curious regarding the first test sails. I bet that before the first boat hits the water they will have at least 10 sold LOL.


  1. Other wise good, but back support on the deck is stupid, crew sits on the edge of the boat. Also many modern boats do not have rails in the hull/deck joint that protects hull from air pollution rain.

    Front viewing windows are good, the boat can be steered inside with autopilot remote.

  2. great looking boat. look forward to hearing more

  3. great looking boat. look forward to hearing more