Saturday, December 6, 2014


Finally and after 5 years of  development, the new Sirius 40DS on the water. Unfortunately it does not look as nice as on the above design. A bit fat for my taste...but to have that interior, one that makes you feel you are on a 44ft boat, some elegance has to be lost. The boat was tested by Yacht. de and you can see it sailing and the interior on their movie:

So what is this boat worth as a sailing boat? I would say that it is a lot better than what it looks. The Sirius 40 has a weight similar to an Halberg Rassy 412 (11.6T to 11.1T) it has just about the same beam(4.0 8m to 4.10m) and is just a bit smaller (11.99m to 12.61) it has standard more draft (2.10m to 1.99m) a similar keel and a similar D/B ratio (0.37 to 0.36). 

The bigger draft will make the ratio more efficient on the Sirius. Two boats with a similar overall stability and that should be reflected on the sail areas that are not very different (88.5m2 to 90m2). The hull and rig were designed by Marc-Oliver v. Ahlen and that means it is a fast and well designed one.

The Sirius we see on the test comes with an interesting sail set up, not really a cutter  but with three different sails on furlers, a jib, a big Genoa and a removable light furler with a geenaker. The advantage of the system is that it will not need to have additional back stays since both stays go to the top of the mast and it can have a bigger jib. The disadvantage would be the need to furl the big Genoa for taking, but I would say that it would be a small inconvenience regarding the advantages. The boat can have a lot of different keels including a modern swing keel.

It seems to me a much better boat than the old 38 and certainly a much faster one, it will give a great live-aboard boat and also a boat that could be sailed pretty much anywhere. If I would live permanently on a boat I would be looking for something like that....well, less fatter and faster, but certainly a true deck saloon boat to be able to enjoy sailing on the cold weather and to be anchored in nice places, being inside, warm and with a great view. 

Unfortunately the Sirius 40 (made in Germany) is  a very expensive yacht and with all that money I don't know if I could not have a better solution...a faster and more elegant boat. I guess I would prefer the "old" Luffe 43DS that probably would not be very far away in price...and that one is not only way faster but much more elegant...but that is just me, I really find the interior of the Sirius 40 gorgeous and even nicer than the one on the Luffe 43 and probably with more space, almost a condo...and that is a good thing, not a bad one :- )


  1. Wow, you have an amazing boat! My husband and I are moving to the coast, and we have talked about getting a boat. I would love one with such a nice cabin. I get so cold, being on the water and all, so I tend to spend a lot of time in there. Everything looks so comfortable, and so clean!

  2. Hi Gwen, yes I have an amazing boat but that is not that one (that is also an amazing one, I agree). I like more speed and sportiness even at the cost of some comfort. Maybe when I am old...even if my wife would surely prefer the Sirius 40 to our boat.

    I have a Comet 41s, look here:

    I sail only on the warm season on the Med and I like not only cruising but sailing. In what regards sailing pleasure this one has a lot more to offer than the Sirius 40.