Saturday, November 1, 2014


We had talked already here about the fantastic race the new A13 was making on this edition of the Middle Sea  race, going many hours at a steady 18k average...till she lost the mast very near the finish. Now we got some images of the boat doing it:

Regarding the broken mast that's very interesting and not usual: the mast broke inside the boat at the foot. Someone want to comment on that? I would be interested ;-)
We had already talked about the A13 on this blog, here:

And a video from the second J122 that finished the race. Unfortunately we don't have a movie from the one that won the race on compensated and was 8 hours faster than this one. That was an awesome performance regarding the boat rating since this one make a good race finishing in 6th place on compensated time.

Regarding the photo of the J122 on top, it is the new model that only varies from Otra vez on small details, the hull and rig are the same. The biggest alteration was on the interior that is now nicer, with views to the outside. A great performance cruiser. I really cannot understand why the boat is not popular on US, to the point of not being made there. Is, it is expensive but not more than other high quality performance cruisers, like Xyachts, for example. Take a look at the new interior. Really nice:


  1. Regarding the A13 mast breakage. Couple of things come to mind: was the mast thru bolted to the mast base, what is the mast base made of and what is it connected to, did they use shims and a hydraulic ram for mast adjustment??? Would assume thru there failure analysis that cause(s) would be determined.

  2. I don't know, but that type of boat, used on high profile races, has probably a mast ram. Even so I have seen lots of broken masts but I do not remember to see any broke in that way. Probably more of bad design of the base, that certainly is already sorted out on that boat and will be modified on the next.