Saturday, December 31, 2016


Perfect conditions for sailing this October in Trieste on the Italian sail feast, the Barcolana, with many thousands of sailors. Well, maybe too much sailors for the ones that like less stressed racing but the Italians sail as they drive and nothing seems to bother them, confusion is part of their lifestyle and they seem to like it; they make a lot of noise but in the end they come always with a smile. Can be quite confusing for an outsider LOL.
The classification is not the more important on this race but the 1700 sailing boats and the many thousands of sailors, anyway the first was old Alfa Romeu, a RP 72 that beat a K80, proving that it is still a fast boat. I guess that Trieste has the biggest sailing party on this time of the year, sailors everywhere, the local beer and wine are excellent, the city beautiful. Difficult to find a better ambiance on the sea or at the coffees, breweries and restaurants, after the race.

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