Friday, December 2, 2016


Just look at this, or better look here with everything moving: Besides being beautiful it is also frightening for the ones that know how to read it and it is not difficult. On the right side near the bottom you have a column with a a legend for the colors. Dark blue is 52K and this is not what we normally would call 52k, it is wind that blows for 10 minutes with at least 52k force. During that time  one would have experienced gusts of 70k or more.

This tracker. based on Windy, gives another reality to what these guys are passing through and also to the routing they made to get always a lot of wind, but not that kind of wind, neither the blue neither the violet. Yes, if those boats were on that position with that wind and the correspondent sea, they would be in trouble, but it is not the case. That picture gives the prevision in 44 hours and that doted line shows the position were the boats would be in 44 hours, if they continue at the same speed and with the same course. Great feature!!!

We can see that  some will pass the storm by North and that the one that appears to be in the middle of it is playing strong and in a way that implies some risks: He is going to try to win over that storm in speed and we can see that Sebastien Josse, the third on the classification, will be just a  bit out of it in 44 hours...if he can maintain the speed and if the storm does not advance faster then what is previewed. Big balls that will allow him to gain many miles over the two ahead of him....if everything goes according to the plan 😉

Here we have Josse, that was also filmed by that French Navy helicopter, here on an inverse view, the helicopter being filmed by the boat. Soon we will have the opposite movie. and some days ago going at 24k

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