Friday, December 30, 2016


That was never been seen on the Vendee or in any sail race I know about, a recovering of 800 miles in 6 days!!! That is a difference of speed of 5,6K every hour during 6 days. Pretty much unbelievable, so much that some, even on a sail boat magazine (Italian one) wonder if Hugo Boss has really a broken foil. Pretty stupid since the images show that is the case. But the truth is also that Hugo Boss does not seem to be greatly affected in his competitiveness by the lack of that foil.

That recovery was only possible because Alex had much more favorable wind conditions over 6 continuous days, something never saw with this magnitude on the Vendee Globe, but there is no luck than stays forever and now they are on the same weather system, having similar conditions. The race started again, for the leadership, with Armel having only an advantage of 27nm over Alex (Hugo Boss). The sailing they have ahead and for 2 days, is a minefield, with lots of holes without wind and I believe it will be decisive for the race, or maybe not, since after that they still have the doldrums to cross, another very tricky region in what regards sailing and wind.

The next two days will be of very intense sailing, avoiding holes without wind and also two days were routing will be decisive to make a diference. After that they will get the trade wind speedway till the doldrums and a speedway were Hugo Boss will be at full potential, sailing on the side where its foil is intact.  Fantastic Vendee Globe and a great race by the two that fight for the lead.

Meanwhile, the 4th, Jean-Pierre Dick celebrates, sailing at speed and with champagne, his Cape Horn 5th passage. Chapeau!!!☺

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