Thursday, December 29, 2016


Well, even Oysters and Swan are production boats but what I mean are big yachts from mass production brands, something that did not existed 15 years ago. Then mass production brands, the ones that produced less expensive yachts, didn't have boats over 54ft, but look now, only this year almost all brands presented big yachts over that size. And of course, it is not a coincidence but a market demand. Kind of a sad world where the rich are richer, the poor poorer and the middle class is disappearing for one side or another, well, more to one side than another 😏
Anyway it is a good thing that the richest have come to yachting and cruising in such a big number that created the demand that all these boats are trying to supply. Not fair, these boats are not truly for the richest since they cost half the price of similar prestige yacht from some exclusive brands. These ones are for the ones that have the money to have them but not properly boats for billionaires, they are boats for the poorer among the rich.😈
They are beautiful boats with great interiors, with a size that allows for a very comfortable living but that due to highly developed sail systems mechanization can be sailed by a couple, or even better by a couple with kids. The Grand Soleil GS 58 is the only one that points to a different clientele that joins the pleasure of living in luxury to the one of sailing and racing. Anyway they make all the sense if someone decided to sell the house and live on a boat and cost about the same price of a Catamaran between 47 and 52ft, providing about the same space.

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