Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A 35R

I thought that the A35 was gone forever, when Archambault went bankrupt, some years ago, but it turned out that the boat molds and the company were bought (in 2013) by BG race, a very small company that makes a racing 40class boat, the Tizh 40.
A small shipyard owned by two racing sailors, Louis Burton, that is making the Vendee Globe and Servane Escoffier. They seem a lot better racing than in promoting their boats. The quantity of information and photos regarding their production is very small and apparently very few sailboats were made, but those have been made have been winning a lot of races.

That's really odd. How it is possible that several great boats, among them the A35 and the A13, well built, with the same technology and materials they use to built race boats, winning races and proposed at a very attractive price don't find a place on the market?  It is only me that like that boat? In fact if I sailed alone, without my wife, that would be among the very short list of boats I would consider having for cruising.

Besides the more recent victories on this year's Pornic-Baiona or the victory on the 2014 Spy Ouest this boat has a great record of wins, among them victories and podium places on the Transquadra, the famous solo or duo French transat for small boats and amateurs.

The design has already some years but Joubert-Nivelt has here one of their best designs and one that continues to look and perform in a contemporary way. The A35 is very light, specially if we consider that from the 4360kg, 2100kg are ballast. The keel is a long foil made of lead with a very low drag. The boat has a draft of 2.20m, and a sail area of 67.5m2

This new version has a new designed cabin, a better looking one, a much better interior and a surprisingly good price for a high tech boat, around 130 000 euros (without vat). The A 35 can come with a rudder or two wheels, being slightly more expensive with two wheels.

Curiously one is making the ARC, sailed by a Spanish couple. They chose a South course that proved, for them and many, to be a very bad choice. They got pissed staying without wind, made a 24 hour stop on Cabo Verde for refueling, to see the views and waiting for the wind and are now sailing again, near a Discovery 55, a OVNI 455, a Tayana 55 and a Sweden 50, that did not stop at Cabo Verde. My kind of boat😉

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