Sunday, December 25, 2016


Amazing and crazy, at the middle of nowhere, on the big austral desert, these two sailors decided to pass Christmas together  and they offer us a very unusual Christmas song. And both,  showing a big solidarity, decided to wait for the Irish Enda O'Coineen that, with big computer problems, is sailing blind without cartography or wind information. There is a Storm ahead so Bellion and Roura decided that Enda needed a bit of help to sail safely trough it. They sail all together now. Never saw on the Vendee globe 3 boats together on the Austral seas, much less three passing Christmas together.  That's almost a party. Cheers to them 😊 !!!

Meanwhile, alone, 5600nm ahead, at the lead of the race, Armel opens a champagne bottle for celebrating the passage of the Cape  Horn but contrary to other sailors, he does not throw away a bit of champagne on the ocean, a bit on the boat, he keeps it all for himself. Well done, what a waste to do otherwise LOL.

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