Saturday, December 10, 2016


They say it is a "carbon fiber reinforced Vinylester". It is hard to understand what they mean: Vinylester is the resin and I don't know what is reinforced, certainly not the carbon, or the vinylester. I have talked to them and they say it has a sandwich carbon deck and hull, but their information is not clear on the specifications. I had already posted about the Arcona 465 here:

And that's about what I have to say critically about this course the style as the interior are conservative but that is a personal taste. There is nothing of conservative regarding the sail performance and in what regards stability besides an obviously good one in what regards stiffness and sail power this boat will have a very good final stability due to a big B/D ratio (40%) on a keel with 2.5m of draft (even if not a better performance torpedo keel).

The price is very interesting, for such a light boat with lots of carbon: 410 000 euro without VAT, about the same price of a Lagoon 42.

The Arcona 465 Carbon was tested recently by Pip Hare for the magazine Yachting world and she, that is a racing sailor, says only good things about the yacht. No doubt that she knows what she talks about in what regards sailing, but the way she says it, well, it could be better LOL.

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