Tuesday, December 27, 2016


The boats did not yet arrive, but almost and of course, Perpetual Loyal is winning and having a new record because Wild Oats had problems on the keel and had to retire. The big sensation on the race is Giacomo a VOR 70, old Groupama, that is in 2th beating several 100ft and also the newer Botin 80 Beau Geste. The 3rd is Scallywang, old Ragamuffin 100, now a Chinese boat owned by Seng Huang Lee. A great welcome to the Chinese. Sailing is becoming more and more popular in China and that is just great regarding world sailing.☺
To my Australian fiends: Do you want to make the Sydney Hobart a more competitive race in real time (the only one that really matters)? Follow the international sail racing rules, retiring that unfair advantage to Wild Oates in what regards using the engine for propelling sail systems, limit the size of crews to 6 and open a significant challenge for boats duo crewed. That will allow for a bigger competitiveness of smaller yachts regarding maxi yachts (that would have to be adapted for a smaller crew and would lose competitiveness). That would also contribute to increase the number of top professional racers in Australia
And before saying that it is not possible, that those big maxi need a crew of 25, let me say that is an anachronism that should be ended in what regards modern sail racing. There is a French crew on a big trimaran right now trying to beat the world's absolute circumnavigation record, this one:
Don't you find odd that you need a crew like that to win a sail race between Sydney and Hobart?

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