Thursday, December 8, 2016


The doted lines show where Armel and Alex will be in 10 hours from now. They are now just on the outskirts of a big storm. No way to run from it since it goes from the South of Australia to the exclusion iceberg's line and they are going faster than the Storm. If they continue at that speed, and probably, on the stronger but not too strong winds before the storm, they could even go faster, they will be on the middle of it by that time and for a long time.
They will enter the storm in about 10 yours, maybe less and will be on that storm for more than 24 hours. The above map shows the situation in 31 hours. The seas, that are not be big now will be building with the big winds and in the next 18 and 31 hours will be like the maps below show (legend on the right near the bottom):
Waves with 7 meters and 44k winds but remember this is only the sustained measure, meaning that all waves will have 7m and the wind will be blowing at not less than 44k. Gusts and the bigger waves that appear from time to time will be considerably bigger, I would say gusting 60k and rough waves with 10m.
So what can they do? They can stop racing an let the storm go ahead of them, continue racing and take the risks that will result to keep on racing on the middle of a huge storm. The race direction can also suspend the race maintaining the positions, for a certain period of time, for safety reasons. Off course that will not prevent the other racers, that are way back to come closer. Anyway, very interesting all this, for all, except for Armel and Alex that are on a hard spot.

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