Friday, December 23, 2016


Winter and strong winds are the time to break sail records and that's on winter muscular conditions that Phil Sharp, one of the best British solo offshore racers, made a new record for monohulls on the classic Chanel cross, from Cowes to Dinard.

Considering that he has made it solo on a small Class 40 racer, that is not even a carbon boat, at an average speed a bit over 15K, Phil Sharp deserve congratulations. Off course, any of the IMOCA with a good sailor would do better, as many other boats, but the fact is that none has tried it and even when they break it, this record would stand as one for 40ft saillboats.

The other two Cowes to Dinar records are harder to beat, the absolute record belongs to the trimaran MOD 70 Phaedo 3 at an average speed of over 28k and the solo record belongs to Francis Joyon, also on a 70ft trimaran (IDEC) with an almost 22k average. Below the Phaedo 3 during its record attempt:
MOD 70 Phaedo3 doing 35 knots during a World Record-breaking sail from Cowes to Dinard from Bill Springer on Vimeo.

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