Sunday, December 4, 2016


Here it is the third video by that helicopter from the French navy, on the southern Indian Ocean, the opposite of the one I posted on the last post:

He is the one in 3rd place and the one that took the bigger regarding routing and bad weather. It seems that it turned out well, for now, he is just ahead of a big depression with huge winds and "all" he has to do is stay ahead of it, to go like a rocket on the next 24 hours. If he is caught by it he will be subjected to very nasty weather. He needed this boost to win miles over the two that are ahead of him. Look at this "weather" tracker, it is clear what he is trying to do. 
I wish him good luck, he is going already faster than the two ahead of him. Big balls anyway. Meanwile Colman, the New Zelander had to sort this one out. LOL:

Unfourtunately the Japonise Kojiro broke the mast and retired. He solved the mess alone and is going to Cape Town without needing help. A pity since Kojiro is not only quite a character as he was one of the best among the semi professionals on this race and putting on a big fight on that groupe, always with a smile on his face.

Portrait de Kojiro Shiraishi / Vendée Globe por VendeeGlobeTV


  1. WOW! seems that Sebastian Josse had some damage in the foils after a pitchpole and has now to deal with the worst of the storm... Good luck to him!
    Hei Paulo I was once in guincho seeing the sunset back the waves; you have very nice beaches there, but this "sweet" spot beats them all:
    No words... ;)

  2. Hi,

    I read it on the vendee site and they don't talk about a pitch pole but about the boat falling from the top of a wave.

    Regarding Nazaré, I had there my boat for several years and when the sea was bad and the waves were big it was quite an impressive ride till the marina. Not dangerous because the waves didn't break but for the ones that don't knew that, going up and down on big waves could make quite an impression :-)