Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I had already posted about the new RM 1070. At the time little was known about the boat and looked to me a 1060 MKII with a new bow and a swing keel to join to the other keel options. After all the 1060 is only 4 years old:

And the good surprise is that incredibly this is a brand new boat. Not only the bow is different but all the hull, including a very different transom...and I like it a lot more than the 1060 :-) The interior is different too with a true cabin at the bow. I hope it will be in Dusseldorf. I want very much to see this one. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I bet it will sail better than the 1060 and the 1060 sailed  very well.

The difference at the bow is easy to spot, being inverted and all but the transom one, even if evident requires a look at the two. As you can see very different, being the new one very near the one of an Open 60 in design. This boat will have a huge form stability and will be very easy to sail fast downwind, being even more powerful than the 1060.

 About the light wind performance and upwind sailing I have some doubts that it will be better. Time and the first tests will tell.
There is just one thing I don't like: Why have they maintained, on the two wheel version, the winches on a position that only makes sense on the rudder version? On the two wheel version at least one of those winches (on each side) should be moved near the wheel, at reach of the Welshman.

Regarding the previous boat the beam is practically the same (4.00m), the hull is slightly bigger (10.69/10.57m) and the LWL bigger( 10.50/10.30), the boat will be a bit heavier (4900/4600kg) probably on the swing keel configuration. The new Swing keel will have 1.15/2.92m. The boat will be more powerful and will carry more sail (72.50/71.6m2).


  1. Some time ago I would have agreed with you but now, even if I like the look a lot, I do not think this will be able to benefit from the transom design either and will plane as seldom as any other too heavy, too loaded down and too conservatively sailed wannabee open class/VOR - boat. So you will sacrifice a lot for little gains.

    And negative bow very bad for archipelago mooring up here, and only two straight sofas so once again, only for two people.

    Hard words for a pretty boat. But looks are not everything.

    Regards from inside an RM 1050 standing on the hard for rudder bearings changes again (serial error on RM 1050-1200-880 as well as many Bavarias and Dufours using JP3-system) in Port Forum, Barcelona. I still think the RM 1050 is a crusing boats, only slightly pretending to be a "racer".

    Regards, Anders

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    2. Yes, the 1050 is a great cruising boat but I do not agree with you in what regards the new transom design that looks better to me, not in what regards absolute speed but in what regards an easier fast downwind sailing and that for a solo sailor means more speed. The new bow can be bad to some particular utilization, but in general terms it is translated in a bigger LWL and on a bigger forward buoyancy with the same fine entries, all good things.

      If you buy that one tell us about your impressions regarding it. My impression is that is a great cruising sailboat but that the performances were inflated by the nautical press regarding for example the comparison with a good performance cruisers of the same size like an Elan 350 or an Arcona 34. The new versions are faster though specially downwind and probably are a match for those two regarding that (and easier to sail) but not a match in what regards light wind or upwind sailing.