Sunday, October 5, 2014


I guess it should made a post about it but I am so pissed with what they have made of this race that it is a bit unwilling that I do it. In fact the organizers transformed a top race with top boats and top sailors to an interesting race but not a top one anymore. It was a bit like if FIA decided to stop with F1 and substituted with a Formula 3000 race with all the cars equal. Obviously the top drivers would look for something more interesting and it was what happened here. 

They said that they had done that because they wanted to diminish the costs and that way have more boats racing. Alright, instead of the 6 boats they have 7, instead of the best sailors on the globe they have some promising sailors but almost all top guns went away. One more more boat worth the lost magic of having the best fighting among themselves?  I don't think so!!!

Giving credit to what I say the first in port race was won by an unexpected boat with a green crew and a second rate skipper (Team Alvimedica). Even the Chinese have managed to lead the race for sometime!!!!

Some interesting images (movie) followed by the First in port race (Alicante)

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