Monday, November 14, 2016


The Outremer 45 looked already well, the 4X looks even better. Many said that the new 45 was slower than the previous model and even if that seemed not to have any downside on the sales (already 30 sold) it seems Outremer decided to correct that with the 4X.

The 4X is just a 45 with  a 2ft longer waterline due to the increase on the transom platform, with less 500kg due to many carbon parts, among them the daggerboards, the spars and also the suppression of the rigid bimini. The weight is now 8.2T and the genoa area was increased in 16m2.

The interior is the same, a nice one about the size of the one of a lagoon 42, kind of  diference in space between a performance cat and a condo cat, that and the speed. The interior can be about the  same size, but it is much nicer not with an apartment look, like on the Lagoon.

The Outremer 4x is surely a very fast cruiser having on the price the only thing not to like. If an Outremer 45 with a minimum decently equipment costed already about 600 000 euros (without VAT) this one will not sell for less than 750 000 euros, possibly more. I wonder what kind of fast monohull one can buy with that kind of money? A Solaris 50 costs way less than that, with its luxurious interior and all. Price is really the only thing I don't like on the 4X ;-)


  1. Paulo, When we toured the Outremer factory we were told that some Outremer 45's had their transoms lengthened 3 feet with very good results so that it was now how they would make all the 45's. I asked if they would now call it the 48 but he said no, that would be misleading since the interior space would remain virtually the same. Honesty.

    The new 45 has a much better (read larger) interior than the old one. We were told the weight stayed the same because of increased carbon. But, if it is slower, then perhaps that isn't quite true.


  2. You should have learned by now not to believe in what all the dealers or boat builders said to you ;-)

    The "old" Outremer 45 was a more sportive boat and did not only weight considerably less than the new Outremer 45 as it was slightly beamier, offering much less windage at the cost of a smaller interior.

    The old 45 displaced 6.4T, the new one 8.7T and the 4X 8.2T and if they said to you that the new one displaced as much as the old one....well, so much about that honesty LOL.

    1. Old and New are in these terms both the new design post 2015.