Monday, November 7, 2016


Just beautifull!!!
 Not so nice but as interesting, the interior of one of the new generation top solo racing machines, the Gitana, explained by the Skipper:

It is in English but you really have to put the sound up to hear it :-)

Regarding the race, well, we had a British leading (Alex) and it seems that on medium conditions we have many boats with very close performances, as well as the top skippers that are sailing them, including Riou on the first boat with "old style" foils.

 Alex and Hugo Boss are also the first to go for a different route option. Don't know if it is a smart move since he was leading on the other course.  Armel and Banque Populaire are leading now. Jean Pierre Dick and Riou are also very close.

 We have already the race divided into three groups, the pros with top boats, the pros with older boats and the amateurs, no matter the boat being from the last generation, like the one from Pieter Heerema, a top boat sailing among the last.

 Cheers to Riou that on a boat without new foils is keeping up with the fastest on his 4th Vendee Globe and will be on the hunt if the new boats have problems with the foils. In fact I believe he is one of the strong candidates to the victory, the only one racing having already won one.

The tracker is not working well and it don't work with some browsers, Try Firefox on 2d definitions. Please post about the race on the comments below. 

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  1. And it seemed very well played by Alex. Hugo Boss went again to the lead of the race. bAhead there is the first very interesting strategic play with a high pressure center to be avoided.

    Several options to do it. I believe that after the racers having passed it the definition of positions will be much clearer. Just play with the wind prevision on the tracker to see what I am talking about.

    For now we can only be very satisfied to see that several boats and skippers have a similar speed, among them Riou, the only on the front pack without the new foils. Very happy to see Jean-Pierre Dick among the first.