Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Ok, this is going to be a short post: If you want an all around cruiser with 33ft and have only 150 000 euros, buy this one. I know magazines cannot say this but I don't care, this is not a magazine and I don't have publicity concerns.

This design is an old one, I mean the hull, it is a 7 year old design by Ceccarelli and it was a remarkably advanced design at that time, so advanced that it seems brand new. The little Azuree has been given proves, again and again, that it is a fast and very seaworthy boat. It had a ugly cabin and a good interior, a big one due to hull design, and the boat beam. 

It has now a nicely designed cabin, that made the boat beautiful, and the interior was bettered with the possibility of choosing different elements according to different needs and personal taste. The quality and the design are also good, being the quality a bit over the  usual on boats of this price.

It was tested recently by "Sailing Today" that said, not surprisingly:
"At the performance end of the market, a well-designed chine has more impact, giving the 33C superb balance and poise, even in challenging conditions. Her twin rudders and moderate, high-aspect rig combined with almost full-length single chines mean that she heels over, sits in the chine, and simply flies.... Sailing in 13-15kt the 33C was close winded, playful on the helm and genuinely quick. She rarely sailed below seven knots and was often hitting eight. Heeled over she sat in the chine and she was superbly balanced, but still playful on the helm...The quality of the finish is a notch above the standard production yacht, too."

It is lighter (and probably stronger), using now vacuum infused lamination techniques and vinilester resins, very rare or unheard on boats with this price. The weight is just a bit over 5T , with 1.9m draft a highly efficient torpedo keel and a ballast ratio of 30%. That and the big beam (3.66m) gives him a lot of power and stability that is used to rig 66m2 of sail area.

A very cute boat, with a great big cruising interior, fast, seaworthy, well built and not expensive? What do you want more.😉

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