Friday, November 11, 2016


We had already talked here about this boat, while on the project stage, but many of these projects are just dreams that never sea the light o the day... too good to be true.

Just look at this boat, all carbon, beautiful, with a dinghy garage and a swing keel (1.6-3.75m),  with all ballast on the keel weighting between 8.8/10.5T (depending on equipment), 1T of water ballast on each side, a big tankage (750L of water and 750L of diesel),  a comfortable interior and tell me if it is not too good to be true. 

The lucky owner, that commanded his dream boat to Finot/Conq, reached on the maiden trip over 24K. Good for him, not all have the possibility to see their dreams come true, but at least this guy had and I can say that I like his dreams, that, I am sure, would not be far from the dreams of many.

More about this boat here:

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