Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Many, including me, thought that when Alex boat lost a foil, that his race would be finished, at least for the first places. Well, I was wrong and this time I am happy for being wrong😉. Alex, that was caught some days after breaking the foil by Armel, instead of continuing to lose time, put on a huge fight and for several days the two boats race almost side by side, like if the finish line was in sight.

Quite incredibly, yesterday they made more 100nm than anyone on the fleet (near 500nm) and I don't think they have better sailing conditions than some others. Kind of a psychological and physical battle to the limit those two are fighting. It would be interesting to see who is going to break first, or what is the boat that is going to break first (I hope not) since they are pushing them to the limit too.

Another point of interest is  a huge storm that is coming from the West and it has the possibility of catching the second group of boats, the one where the American Rich Wilson, the Japonese Kojiro and the New Zealander Colman are. If they are not able to make over 300nm a day they will get caught by the storm, with mountainous seas and winds over 50k. Yesterday most of them has made between 225 and 305nm a day.

You can follow the weather evolution and the boats here: Orange is rock'roll sailing, red is already too much and violet and blue...well nobody will want to be there, not even these great sailors in very seaworthy boats:

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