Thursday, November 17, 2016


Well, the name says it all about the boat program: a low flying machine that is not pointed to top racers but to the average sailor that wants to have a lot of fun and experience what was reserved before for only top sailors. The Easy was designed by Guillaume Verdier (top racing NA) and it is built by Absolute Dreamer Jean-Pierre Dick's company. It has been nominated for the Yacht of the year contest on the Multihull division and I saw on  a video the faces of the testers: pure delight. What a luck to have a job like that☺!!!!

This cat has 8.1m of length, 4.3m of beam, weights only 325kg, has a max charge of 260kg, a big mast with 13.7m and it  was tested by Multicoque. com.... and we can feel the wonder of Briag Merlet regarding that test:

"The wind is a bit below 10 knots, enough for nice sailing, installed on top of the foils. There are many boats around us in the weak wind, but all seem to be stopped. The catamaran is sailing in the middle of them displaying peaks at around 25 knots. Yet it is difficult to realize the speed without  watching the other boats and the coast. It seems so easy ...If we look at the sails, it seems that the wind is turning with us. We are always regulated for a close haul. Indeed, our apparent wind is such that, once the boat on foils, all the sails are as tight as they can be.  A Gennaker was originally planned but was abandoned because even downwind it deflated automatically!"

If flying on that one seems not only great fun but possible to the average sailor, having one seems more complicated since the top building, all in carbon, makes it very expensive, at 150 000 euros.

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