Sunday, November 6, 2016


But be very careful before ordering one. I recommended one to friends, helped them to make the deal and more than two years after they have not yet the boat delivered. No date for delivery and have the boat full paid. I emailed Salona complaining about that some months ago and the CEO replied to me saying that they would have the boat delivered soon. Several months later that CEO is no more on Salona and they don't give a date for boat delivery.
The boat, a Salona 38, is made (for several months now), but it has no sails and no electronic and it seems they don't have money to buy and install them. They are working on a 60ft, that was commanded later, but that is not yet fully paid, as the Salona 38 is. 

The ones that know me from the times of the previous thread (same name of the blog) on sailnet (more than 1 million hits) know that I had only said good things about Salona and that I helped to raise the brand reputation on US, being several yachts bought after sailors read my comments on Salonas (they have told me so).

I post this advice on the same spirit, the one to talk about boats and builders with trustfulness regarding what I know, no matter what. I wish Salona a rapid recovery and I hope they start to act in a trustworthy way because if not they are done anyway, sooner or later.

Meanwhile if you want a boat by the same designer (Cossutti), very similar, also with a stainless steel backbone, just a bit bigger and a bit less expensive, I would recommend you to look at this one, the More 40:

It is being built by a new shipyard that had already made a 55. The Shipyard is owned by Swedes but it is on Croatia (not far from the Salona one) and some of the workers that used to be from Salona are working there now. I don't know this shipyard the same way I knew Salona  but I guess it has to be better, at least in what regards delivering boats. Leo Curin, that I knew personally (ex Developer manager on  Salona ) is ahead of the production.


  1. I know you talked a lot of the Salona 38 but, it seems like that is an old design being replaced by the Salona 380. I have seen a couple have know been delivered to the US. To bad the perspective owner paid in full without some more reassurance of delivery. Two years and still no electronics - feel bad for your friend.

  2. In fact it was not the owner that paid but the leasing company against his will. Technically the boat belongs to the leasing company and he could do nothing. Off course he has a contract with the leasing company so he is not in a good position and nobody feels worse about all this than me.

    The boat was dealt almost three years ago on the Dusseldorf boat show and I thought it was a great deal. Well, it seems that when the deal is too good there is reason to suspect.

    I posted about it here:

    Anyway it seems the last news are that Salona had been recapitalized and they know say that they deliver the boat in Mars. Let's hope that it is true.

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