Thursday, November 10, 2016


Arnaud Boissieres meet an old cruising boat out of the Portuguese coast. Even if Arnaud has not a fast boat (he is 14th sailing with the group of Pros with older boats) look at the diference of speed and also to diference in the trim, with the IMOCA going upwind and making a lot of apparent wind. Looking at the race it is with pleasure that I see a lot of close fighting with PRB and Riou, on the boat without the new foils pursuing Armel, only 10.5NM away. The first 6 are inside a radium of 36nm, really nothing considering this race. 

Great race for the New Zealander Conrad Colman (15th), for the Japonese Kojiro Shiraishi (21th) the American Rich Wison (23th) and the Hungarian Nandor Fa (22th). It may appear strange that I am looking at guys over the 15th place but that's because I know this race, I know  how good are the Pros that are ahead and what it takes for dreamers  and adventuriers to be on this race and sailing as good and fast as these ones are doing. They are all extraordinaire charachters with extraordinaire life stories. Trust me and read their life story on the links below and I believe you will not lose your time and will understand better how big this race is, not only for the race itself but by the ones that are racing it. For most a dream that they carried all their life, not to win it, just to make it.

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