Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The odd thing is that there is not much more to say about the More 55!!! How can that be???, a boat that is sold for the same price of a same length Bavaria, featuring much better building processes, including a stainless steel back bone  and a vacuum infused hull should be main news and the sailing magazines should be excited for testing the boat.

Well. it seems it is not like that. They don't advertise on boat magazines so they are not so interested in testing and besides this is a true outsider, a brand that started from a charter company unsatisfied with the boats on the market and that decided to make their own boats? That's unheard off!!!

More charters equipped its fleet with the More 55 (that had already made a season on the Caribbean and on the Med) and are going to substitute their Salona 38 by a new boat, the More 40. If I charted boats I would be very interesting in charting these ones (Croatia) and I would recommend the experience to the ones that do that....and please after that make a post here about the boat. I am sure there are lots of people interested, starting by me ;-)


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