Wednesday, November 9, 2016


What can I say more than what I have said here?:

Simply that the boat have done what it was designed for: to win. It has won the 2015 ORCI and 2016 world championship,  2016 Italian, German and Dutch ORCI championship. Yes it is mostly a ORCI optimized boat but it had also won the 2016 XVIII Trofeo S.M. La Reina- 2016 (Valencia - Spain) and was 2nd at New York Yacht Club 162nd Annual Regatta (USA).

On the Middle Sea race there was one racing with an IRC of 1031, that should be faster than a JPK 10.10 (IRC 1003). The JPK beat the 9.98 in real time and by a lot, but that boat had already won the Fastnet and the crew of the 9.98 was not probably a top one (not the onet that won the championships). Anyway a boat to join the JPK 10.10 as one of the best cruiser racers on the market, a beautiful one too.

The 9.98 is mostly thought for racing but contrary to others offer a nice interior for short therm cruising. I just hate the screws around the mast that could and should be cover by a carbon ring. That would add 50gr to the boat weight but would make quite a diference on the interior.


  1. Here in Chile we have two of them, and they are winning in IRC regattas.

  2. I was able to go aboard the boat that won the NYYC Annual Regatta, at the Newport Boat Show. It was my favorite boat at the show, by far. You're quite right about it's mission - win under ORCI - because when you look at the hull shape and overall layout, it is definitely purposeful. I spoke with one of the Italians who sails on the team that won the championship, and he was telling me that they all love racing the boat. Yes, he was representing the factory, but his comments about the boat's many virtues were very factual and specific. Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to sail it, and, besides, I was at the show to sail the Diam 24, which is now my favorite one design boat of any kind. No more J/70's for me, after sailing the Diam 24. :)