Friday, November 18, 2016


Some gorgeous new pictures and some dimensions were revealed as well as the hull design that seems quite interesting. It is a relatively beamy boat (4.30m) with a big LWL (12.66) for the hull Length (13.02) and a very light boat for one with a centerboard with all the ballast inside the boat (11T).

I have some doubts regarding the displacement and I would have liked to see the ballast and the stability curve, but they don't make it public. If someone can have access to it I would be interested. 

The centerboard is deep, with 2.8m and the draft with it raised is only 0.92m. The centerboard is "helped" by two small lateral foils. I suppose the boat can be beached over the central keel, the foils, and the rudders but all that has to be quite strong to allow it without problems.

If the boat was mine probably I would not have it beached except on an emergency. Not the same thing as an aluminium hull. The rudder and foils can always found a stone or rock and I doubt that they can be strong enough for that eventuality. Well, one can always dive before doing it to prevent that but on cold climates I would not like to have to do that 😉

The tankage is not big  for the size, with 400L of water and 200L of diesel for a big Yanmar 80hp engine. The sail upwind is 83m2. That don't seem much for the weight of the boat. On the design it seems that there is an option for a cutter rig with the smaller sail going really inside the boat, over the cabin. If that is so the sail area will be more interesting since besides the staysail it can have a genoa with 53m2. That will give  a sail area of 111m2 plus the 25m2 of the stay sail. The sailing potential becomes more interesting and even more with a 103m2 Geenaker.

The boat design is very nice and even if they don't say nothing about it, I hope they will have an option for a deep keel, or even better, a swing keel with all the ballast on the keel, to make this a more powerful sailboat, more stiff and able to carry more sail upwind, a faster boat able to   face bad weather with easiness. That hull really deserves that.

This is not a boat to make concurrence to entry mass production builders, it will be supposedly better built, with a better finished interior and the price will be around 390 000 euros, with VAT?
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