Sunday, November 27, 2016


Yes, what a look 😉 Like they had done with Wild Oates, they cut and past old 90ft Nicorette, that is now a 100ft maxi, CQS. Except for part of the hull the boat is all new and includes a DSS system as well as some odd looking structures for holding the shrouds and on the transom probably contributing for increasing stability at high heel angles.
I like the boat but I do really hate the transom design that seems to be maximized for light wind sailing and upwind sailing but will add nothing regarding downwind sailing. I am very curious regarding those wings on the back and their use. It looks they will increase stability at high heel angles but at the cost of a lot of drag. Can't wait to see them working.

My bet is that it will not be a winner on the Sydney Hobart, if Comanche and Wild Oats are on the race and they will be there. Anyway, more spectacular boats on a great race can only make it greater. The new design is from Simonis Voogd / Bakewell-White. 

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