Friday, October 17, 2014


Jboats will have a new cruising 36ft that will join on the offer the other 36ft, the recent J111, that remains basically as a racing boat.

When the j111 arrived to the market I said that the boat was meant basically for racing and contrary to the J122, offered very little cruising comfort and that was a bit of a disappointment on a boat that otherwise is a blast, not only fast but also enjoyable to sail. Well, it seems they agree on Jboats because the new j112 is on the making. It is not a MKII, or a upgrade version for performance cruising but a completely different boat.

Let’s have a look at both boats, starting to compare their dimensions, first the J111, then the J112, all in meters and kg:

LOA: 11.10, 11.00; LWL: 9.97, 9.68; BEAM: 3.29; 3.58; WEIGHT: 4216, 5126 STD DRAFT:2.19, 2.10; B/D RATIO: 37.6%, 37,2%; SA UPWIND: 61.6, 65m2; ENGINE: 21hp, 30hp.

So what have we got here? A hell of a performance cruiser, knowing that the interior will be made along the lines of the new 122 and that means a very nice one, adapted to cruising. The bigger difference between boats regards beam and ballast. The J112 will be a more easier boat to sail, specially downwind offering a very good sailing performance, one that will allow it to win lots of club races and also lots of more interior space. Even so this boat is way faster than its true predecessor, the J109.

The IRC ratings will allow a close comparative look at the boat performance. Regarding the J109 (1.015) the J112 is much faster (1.060), slower than the J111 (1098) but faster than all other Jboats with the same size:

J105 – 1.014, J35 – 1.024. It is worth referring that the new J112 is closer in performance to the J111 than from any of the other older 35/36ft Jboats.

I cannot wait to see this one. I hope it will be at Dusseldorf. Probably it will be manufactured in France, like the 122 due to the lack of interest on the US regarding performance cruisers.

I know that a lot of Americans that like fast boats follow this blog and that lack of interest can change: This is a boat for them, or at least one they would like to own, if it was not so expensive, as all Jboats. Well, expensive but very well made and very strong. You cannot have high quality without paying for it. A hell of a cruiser as I said. I love this one;-)


  1. Good write-up. This summarizes why I, here in Amsterdam and former J24 and J22 racer, plan to go for this boat end of 2015.

    1. Did you have bought one? If so please post about it.

  2. The J112e caught my eye the moment I saw it on the J website. Yes, it was love at first sight.