Saturday, March 15, 2014


That story about fast boast doing a circumnavigation (or a long passage) being as slow as slow boats because they are loaded and are not fast anymore and all that have surely heard about that but that does not make it true. These guys on a 40ft fully loaded for a circumnavigation went sometimes over 15K and even one time over 17K. They are not just a couple and have the look of guys that eat well :-)
The boat was built by one of them during five long years, by a David Reard plan (classic 35) Like the RM it is a plywood/epoxy boat and a nice one, except the cabin that they have decided to "improve":-(
They have completed the circumnavigation  in 2013. One of them was good with a movie camera and they have made some movies that are along the most viewed on the net. They speak French (the owner is Belgian) but the movies have subtitles in English.   You can find them all here scrolling  the blog  that is also interesting, but in French:
Here you have the blog of Eric Jacqueline, the owner and builder of the boat, a lot less interesting one but where you can see  some photos of the boat being built:     .
One of the first movies:               

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