Saturday, March 22, 2014


Izabel Pimentel has just arrived at Rio de Janeiro this month completing a high latitude solo circumnavigation on the company of his cats. The idea was a non stop circumnavigation but his small 34ft boat was rolled by a huge wave and the mast rigging was damaged. She went to Easter Island for repairs. The Story of that capsize is told here by her, a very feminine description :-) It is in Portuguese but you have a translator installed. Very interesting read :

Izabel lives in France on her boat, an old aluminium Romanée, a design from Philippe Harlé (1973), a boat well ahead of its time and it was on this "oldie" that she circumnavigated:

Izabel is a system's analyst and a very experienced sailor having already made successfully a mini transat race. She is now in Brazil and will sail his boat and home to France were she lives and works. Here you can see some photos of his boat and voyage photos:

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