Sunday, March 16, 2014


Argentina is home of some of the best world yacht designers among them German Frers, JK, Soto Acebal and many others, some that I don't know. Recently I saw a beautiful 28ft performance cruiser and looking for his creator found another Argentinian talented Naval Engineer, Fabian Conte. Just look at this beauty:

The boat is light with just 2100 kg, relatively narrow, with 2.82m, a lifting keel possibility (0.40/2.30m) and certainly a big B/D ratio that allows a huge SA upwind (56.60m2) and comes after the success of several smaller racing boats :
The boat is built in Argentina by Contructora Naval Norte Argentina and I am sure the price is an interesting one. The boat has a surprisingly good cruising interior and it looks as good in the photos as in the drawings:

And more interesting things are on the way:

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  1. Hi Paulo. Big fan from Norway. Thank you for all the excellent work on sailnet. Is it possible to have a page-index on this blog? Makes it easier to navigate in older posts.