Monday, March 24, 2014


The last of Paolo Bua designs still being built at the Canthier des Ileaux, in strip planking and plywood with epoxy resins is a gorgeous daysayler with very good sailing performances: It weights 1000kg, 450 of them as ballast (45%) on a hydraulic swing keel with a max draft of 1.80M (0.25M up). That considerable draft plus a considerable form stability provided by a hull with 2.50m beam, all beam pulled back and a chine that will work with not too much heel, will give to this 7.50M beauty a big overall stability that will be translated in power by a considerable sail area: 33M2 upwind, beefed up by a code 0 with 22m2.Downwind it will fly 70M2 that should be enough to get it to planing speeds with some ease.

  Would love to have one of these babies to cheer up my sunny winter days while I wait for the cruising season. While I find a way to have money for two boats I guess I will have to continue with this blog ;-) but I really like it a lot: The mixture of old materials (wood) treated in a contemporary way (wood composites) with new materials (carbon rig) and cutting edge contemporary design with a classic flavor, that does not diminish in any way the boat sailing potential, seems just the right mixture for a boat that will always be beautiful.

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