Wednesday, March 12, 2014


On the old thread we talked about the circumnavigation of  Alexander and Florian on an old Mini 650 proto racer. The boat was really old and they had no money for a decent  preparation so they have done what they could afford and set sail.

But who are these two guys?

Two 27 years old friends that had both working careers, one as chief of  a construction team the other as director of a firm's commercial management, sailors of mostly sportive small cats with many miles in Raids, that decide to stop working for a while and spend their economies on a circumnavigation.

Just amazing that two young guys can have saved enough money in some few years of work  for a circumnavigation. It takes to most many years of work just to have a sailboat. Well, not a sailboat like the ones they have :-) They are just showing that a circumnavigation can be made with the money both could have spent on brand new medium priced cars. Probably they had old cars but they are certainly enjoying life :-)

We had leaved them on the Panama channel. After that they sailed the Pacific, broke the old mast, jury rigged and finally decided to stop to make a proper reparation on the boat. It costed them more 10 000 euros including another mast. They were helped by the solidarity of many sailors that contributed for that repair and also by their sponsors.
Now with a brand "new" boat they are sailing on the Far East. Next destination: India

You can follow their adventures and voyage on the Facebook or on their own site:

You can have a look at the old site were you have the first movies :

and most of all don't lose the last movies:

DEFI VOILE 6.50 from Ludovic Moulou on Vimeo.

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