Saturday, March 15, 2014


Look at this beauty:

Normally I am not attracted by small Cats: They normally have a huge freeboard to allow for a standing height and are not nice to my eyes, not to mention the huge windage or the potential negative effect of breaking waves over those flat surfaces. 42 ft is still too small for a cat to look appealing to me but this one makes the trick at the cost of having a standing height only on the central part of the cabin. Well, if with a well designed interior (as it seems to be) that would not be a problem to me.
The design comes from one of the biggest specialists in cats, Christophe Barreau on the lines of the TS52.8, a nice design with already some years (I find the 42 even nicer):
At least one of the few 52.8 built has already circumnavigated.

They say the price of the new 42ft would be around 300 000 euros and that seems just very good specially because the boat is going to be built by Marsaudon composites, specialists on high performance boats and high technology composites:
Certainly a very fast cat and not one to put on the hands of an inexperienced sailor but one I would not mind to have. Not that I am experienced in cats but I am careful and I can learn. With that one, I would go slowly and even slowly I am sure that I would go fast on the water: That cat only weights 5.8T ;-)

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