Monday, March 17, 2014

DUFOUR 310 GL - movie:

This was one of the most interesting boats I saw in Dusseldorf with an awesome interior for a 31ft boat and a very nice hull. The Italians of Giornale de la Vela tested it and said nice things about the sailing potential and great Interior:

The wind left to be desired but at noon a breeze appeared, between 10 and 13 knots in the channel between Portovenere and Palmaria . We begin to tack upwind to measure the speed : 6.5 average and when the gusts puffed the boat accelerated rapidly touching 7 knots remaining easy on the rudder , without risking broaching and maintaining the course without the need for corrections on the ruder that does its duty even though it is not particularly deep. 
The boat heels slightly over its chine and even in what regards changing direction the boat has a good performance , the hull comes out of the tack and accelerates quickly to a good pace .
On a beam reach we got 7 knots. We did not have aboard the asymmetrical : nevertheless even without one downwind the boat maintains a good pace : 6.5 knots.

Next it was tested by the Germans of and for what I can understand they were as amazed as me with the great cruising interior (they passed most of the movie showing it :-( ). The boat sailed well they reached 7k with not much wind and they said it was a pleasant boat to sail.
We will be waiting for a full comment on the full test by Anders, when it is published. Not bad, here you will have the comments about the best tests made to interesting boats in France, Germany, Italy, Brittany and with some luck on some other countries. Kind of giving a complete image of the boats ;-)

This is the link for the movie for the test:
Below some images of the Italian test:

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  1. Alexis Guillaume - MERENA class 40

    I met Alexis in Nieuwpoort, both our home port (in fact his berth is very close to ours). A very nice guy with no airs at all. And he runs a very nice blog too.