Sunday, March 9, 2014


I had already said that I like these "kids" and their boats. This is a  Chinese shipyard but contrary to almost all other Chinese shipyards it is not an European or American operation taking advantage of the cheap Chinese labor to relocate the production to a more favorable place. No, these one is really a Chinese one, managed by very young people. They started to make Olympic class boats under licence and rapidly expanded to bigger boats that had nothing special (except the 31R) except being well designed and inexpensive. They started with performance cruisers using the know how design of  Simonis Voogd. First they made a 26ft boat then a racer (18r), a top racer (31R), then a cat (36ft) and now a fast 33ft performance cruiser. 

All boats are fast and even if only the 31R is an innovative boat, they all are inexpensive and built with modern building processes, using vacuum infusion, cored hulls and epoxy resins (the 31R is a carbon boat). I believe these "kids" and their boats will go far and that this one will be the first true Chinese Shipyard on the world's market.

The new Fareast 33:

The boat looks good even if quite traditional in design and that big wheel seems a bit outdated. I hope they will purpose it also with a tiller set-up. The boat dimensions seems very good, particularly the weight (3900kg). Regarding ballast or B/D ratio they say nothing but it seems the same type of design used on the 26 and that one had 36% and that seems alright to me. The boat has a hull length of 10.00m, a LWL of 9.18m, 3.33m Beam, 2.00m draft and 58.8m2 of sail area.

The hull is not very far from the one from the Salona 33 even if the quality of the Salona's interior and its cruising potential is a almost for sure superior, as well as the price.

The Beam is very similar (3.33m to 3,35m), the hull length practically the same but the Fareast LWL a bit better (9.18m to 9.04m). The weight makes a big difference: the Fareast is much lighter, 1050kg lighter and even if the Salona has more sail ( 69.5m2 to 58.8m2) probably the Fareast will be faster in almost all conditions.

Interesting boat no doubt, specially if the price is in order with the prices of the previous boats ;-)

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