Sunday, March 23, 2014


And we are happy he had choose to design boats since it seems to me that he could design anything as well as boats since his works are true work of art. I only found about him recently trough Rosso 28 one of his creations, a beautiful boat built by one of the most traditional wood French shipyards specialized in classic boats , le Chantier des Ileaux.
Rosso 28
This association of a very old shipyard that regards boat building as an art with a young designer that regards boat design as an art could only give very interesting results. The chosen material is obviously wood, or better, wood composites, since the old shipyard is also modern and dominates contemporary techniques that can make wood composites has stiff and light as the best polyester composites and those are the materials used mostly by Paolo Bua.
Xo 7.50
Soon we are going to have a better look at some of his boats and we will keep an eye on Paolo Bua work. It is relatively easy to design a boat with classic lines that looks good but the performance will be compromised by the concessions to style over design efficiency. Bua seems to have made the impossible: Designing boats that have that classic charisma without given an inch to loss of performance. Chapeau to him :-)

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