Friday, March 7, 2014

JPK 10.80 - First time out / first race

"The wind is from the west northwest between 20 and 30 knots on a delivery from the Larmor -Plage Trinidad / on / sea... the least we can say is that we will not be disappointed!
Starting with a close reach between 9 and 10.5 knots ...then we send the code 5 and went to planing mode between 12 and 16 knots of speed with a great stability.

The crew of eight waited inpatient his turn to take the helm and have fun. The lucky one was Eric Mordred that took advantage of some momentary higher winds (30 k) to sail the boat to 17.92K.

Less than 3 hours after our departure from Lorient we were already in Trinidad with a big grin !"
Then they talk about the results on that regatta Saturday 22 that I had already talked about on sailnet (2ème Challenge de Printemps) and where they made these results:

1st race:
SUN FAST 3600...........01:20:50
A 35 ........................01:20:56
JPK 10.80...................01:21:05

2nd race:
JPK 10.80....................01:27:38
SUN FAST 3600............01:28:38
JPK 110.......................01:30:15

3rd race:
SUN FAST 3600.............01:11:12
A 35............................01:11:53
JPK 10.80.....................01:12:13

4th race- coastal race:
A 35 ..........................01:10:42
SUN FAST 3600.............01:11:19
JPK 10.80.....................01:12:29

I said about those results (in real time):

"Very interesting results that show two boats very close in performances (JPK 10.80 and Sun Fast 3600) and also a A35 that is very close too. Pity we had not a JPK 10.10 racing. The 110 is a bigger, older and slower boat.... and even so come in 3th in one race."

Regarding those races they added these interesting comments:

"Saturday 22 the wind is perfect between 12 and 15 knots on the first regatta...having as main opponents.. the new Sun Fast 3600 and A35 ...clearly, we see immediately that there will a close match between these 3 sailboats with very small differences in the lead."... (they made 3th and 1st that day).....Sunday 23 the wind is sustained between 16 and 20 knots . ..On the first race of the day , we go fast enough to go along with some IRC1. A J122 an a A40 are very similar in speed and that is good!.. Unfortunately, the pulley genoa halyard explodes under load and we have the genoa on deck while repairing. (they made their worst results, 3th on the 1st race, 3th on the 2nd.).."In summary, it is clear that the boat goes fast and even very fast because without no validated reference or adjustments we are already fighting for the lead."

Sure that is a very fast boat, probably slightly faster than a JPK 10.10 or a A 35 on a Transat race but a boat on the same league in what regards regatta racing with the A35 and the JPK10.10, even on real time and the ratings of the the two other boats are smaller meaning that the JPK 10.80 has to be a bit faster on real time to win in compensated.

A great boat no doubt but I sometimes feel that many have a wrong impression about the performances of these very fast cruiser-racers and forget that size is very important in what regards performance. For instance Eric boat, a cruising Pogo 12.50 is way faster than the Sun Fast 3600 that is practically a racer (or than the JPK 10.80), the same in what regards a J122. Even a Pogo 10.50 has a superior rating. I don't think it would be a match on a regatta but in what regards a Transat would be probably faster.

Mr Pelicamo
I should have come over here first, before translating the account from French and posting a summary over on the old Interesting Boats thread at Sailnet. You did a better job and have more detailed information.

The JPK 10.80 result was quite good, considering the hardware failure as well as the fact they were using a borrowed 2011 main from an M34 and hadn't done any rig / instrument calibration. And hanging with IRC 1 boats upwind is very impressive indeed. Obviously they know what they're doing and are going be quite competitive in this boat, once the new Ullman main arrives and they get everything dialed in.

Hi Pelicano :-),
Thanks. Yes I agree, it is very impressive that they could hold on with an A40 and a J122 upwind even if I cannot see how that is possible with 16K wind unless the other boats were not sailed to their potential. I could believe it downwind but upwind?
I had a look at the results of that race in IRC1 and regarding the J122 and A40 he mentions, in fact the boats had done the race in about the same time: They have made it in 1h 12m 13s the J122 in 1h 14m 35s and the A40 in 1h 12m 19s but the other A40 that won the race made it in compensated made it in 1h 08m 27s (all times are real times).

Anyway it seems a very promising boat to me even if the real prove will be the next Transquadra, since this one was designed more as a short crew offshore cruiser-racer than a regatta boat. Considering that, the results in regatta are just even more impressive and It seems that the quite good cruising interior does not slow it down.
Do you have noticed that JPK is going to race this one with the owner on the Transquadra? Lucky guy. He does not only has the pleasure of making the boat, earn a life with that and in the end he is going to race "his" boat with the guy that had payed for it ;-)


  1. Awesome!Did very well in the Sydney to Hobart this year! Cool boat! Très beau bateau! J'aime bien! Beau concept et simple intérieur! Chapeau!

    1. Yes, did very well on the Sydney Hobart, not only won IRC division 4 but was faster than the 1st of the division above!!!! and you are forgetting this year's victory on the Transquadra and on the Fastnet...all on the same boat, I mean not model, but really the same boat.

      I can't remember a boat winning so many big races on a year and different ones too, from Oceanic duo Transats to Oceanic crewed races and I am not counting smaller regatas victories.