Friday, March 14, 2014


Yes that's true and he is aiming at a record too. His boat is strictly a 2 persons boat :-) and the one that started with him on this adventure had found it very uncomfortable and had given up when they arrived to Martinica, so it is not a voyage for all, maybe just one for Bourgnon himself :-). What he is trying to do is as mad as it can be:  A solo circumnavigation with  2 crew on an open 20ft cat!!!!

As if it was not mad enough since Martinique it is now a solo circumnavigation, on the same small open cat, just for one :-) Bourgnon is not only a bit mad but also a great sailor with many records in big trimarans and small cats.  He is Swiss and brother of Laurent an even bigger sailor (not so mad ). For a small country without sea, Swiss has big number of excellent sailors (Bernard Stamm, Ernesto Bertarelli, Dominique wavre, Pierre Fehlmann and the Borgnon brothers among others).

To be fair to his former team mate, a windsurf champion, the Atlantic crossing was very rough with several storms and an ugly capsize. They were barely able to re-right the cat in the middle of a storm with high winds. Nothing that make Burgnon give up. He is between the Galapagos and the Marquises now. You can follow him in real time here:

You can read all the news here:
and look at past accomplishments, including many interesting videos here:

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