Tuesday, March 11, 2014


He is sailing for so long that we forger that he is still there on that minuscule boat without autopilot on the middle of the Atlantic and I really mean on the middle of the Atlantic:
He is sailing non stop for 54 days, most of them without autopilot, seated uncomfortably with the tiller on one hand and another holding to the boat. The bad luck did not end with the autopilot out of service: First we got nasty seas and opposing winds and when he thought that he was out of trouble with the trade winds pushing him quickly to America, he got few god sailing days and many without wind or opposing winds. If you look at the tracker you are going to see that there were days were he made as many miles as in 10 days and that the last have been painful, slow and upwind. Seems better now:  http://www.open16.com/index.php/en/proof-of-principle/live-tracking

Probably he is half starved and on a small ration of water but even so can he make it last till the US? He is not even bound to the Caribbean but to US mainland, to St Augustine. I believe the only thing that keeps him going is dreaming with this boat:

while he is sailing this one!!!! Probably he is going to take almost the same time on that Atlantic crossing as the sailors of the Vendee Globe take for a full circumnavigation...and he is one of them, having already made one Vendee. I hope that after all this misery (I heard that he was badly bruised by the salt and by being always seated on the same position) he can get that Open 60 for the next vendee. If not there is no justice in this world.

Let me remind you that the voyage to St. Augustine is only half of this project. After that he has to bring the boat back home:

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