Tuesday, April 8, 2014


More information and pictures were disclosed regarding the Comet 37 cat. It seemed that they were going to launch first the 62 and only after the 37 but now they say that if everything goes well the little one will be launched still this year, probably in time for the too big nautical shows, Paris and Dusseldorf and maybe even in time for the Genoa boat show in October.

That big "roof" is just optimal for having a big surface of solar panels. Contrary to what it looked like in other designs, the wheel position is not a lowered one and the wheels are at main deck level. The skipper at the wheel, there, will have actually more protection than the one offered on an open stern monohull boat, that as we know is not a problem regarding safety.

 That unusual configuration, with the deck advanced on its central section has to do with the main traveler position, that is easily accessible to the the one at the wheel.

The boat can be offered in versions with 3 or 4 cabins and the price should be around 230 000 euros without VAT.

The main dimensions are:

 LOA -------------------------11,30 m
 Beam-------------------------5,65 m
Weight------------------------4,5 t
Fixed keel--------------------1,33 m
Daggerboard version----------0,95-2,24 m
Mast height-------------------16,94 m
Mainsail ---------------------45,0 m2
Genoa------------------------33,0 m2
 Engine------------------------2 x 20 hp     

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