Monday, April 14, 2014

ASTUS 24 and 20.2.

Astus are making small habitable trimarans for a long time now. I know because when I had only a month to cruise I dreamed of having one for weekend cruising on the rest of the year. That's how much I like the concept, that is a simple one:
 An inexpensive foldable trailerable trimaran, easy to re-assemble with very good performances designed for coastal camping with an interesting option to mount camping tents on the the side platforms. Perfect for weekend cruising with a camping spirit and fast daysailing.

The models looked a bit rustic but not anymore with the Astus 24 designed by Eric Henseval, a talented new NA that has worked on the VPLP cabinet for some years before starting solo. we have already talked about him here regarding his aluminium voyage boat, the 11.80 built by Meta shipyard.

The Astus 24 is made in GRP with infusion technique, is light (750kg), has 7.40 of hull length and 5.35m beam (folded 2,55m) and the height inside the cabin is 1,70.


Trimaran ASTUS 24 1ère navigation por astusboats

The Astus 24 is really cute with its inverted bows and all :-) but price is no longer a  light one. Size has a big importance in what regards that. The basic boat costs 52 000 euros in the daysailing version plus 7 200 for the cruising version. Anyway a very interesting boat for the ones that price is not a problem. For the ones that have a shorter budget maybe the also new Astus 20.2 is a more interesting option for 21 500 euros (basic price).

And from the ones that speak German the movie and test from, as usually, one of the best: 

The 20.2 is a MKII of their 20ft boat, a fast and well proven boat that is considerably lighter (360kg) and has a big beam ( 4.25m) to its hull length ( 5.95m) giving it a lot of stability and power. The boat can be sold in several versions, with a higher or lower cabin, in raid version but, of course, the price goes up. Anyway, very interesting boats ;-)

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