Sunday, April 20, 2014

SPI OUEST: SF3600; JPK10.80; A35; JPK 10.10

Second day of racing on this great French classic. Contrary to that Italian racing event, there are many good teams here and the performances of the boats can give a good idea of their sailing potential under the conditions. Let's have a look how boats performed in IRC2 and IRC3, the more popular sailing groups.


  And again the same A35R cross the line in 1st in compensated and real time with 1.35.27 (the times are always real). Second in real time and 3rd in compensated, a First 40.7 with 1.35.51. Third across the line the F3600 with 1.36.12 (4th in compensated), followed very closely by another A35 (1.36.33) and the JPK 10.80 with 1.37.04. Then, between 1.40 and 1.41, by that order: A35, Grand Soleil 37, JPK10.10. Between 1.41 and 1.42: Dufour 36p, A35, MAT 10.10.

For the first time one of the new boats cross the line first in real time: 1st JPK 10.80 with 3.53.20 (2th in compensate). 2nd A35 with 3.55.45 (1st in compensated), 3rd JPK 10.10 with 3.58.51 (6th in compensated), 4th Grand Soleil 37 with 4.00.23 (5th in compensated). Between 4.01 and 4.03 and by order : Grand Soleil 37, X37, J35, A35, A35. The Sun Fast 3600 made 4.04.47.

A bit better the JPK 10.80 arriving first for the first time but not managing to win in compensated. Again very well the A35 that are definitively the boats to beat and the JPK 10.10 that out of its size range (10.00m against the A35 10.59m) manages not to lose much time for the bigger boats, even beating several A35 and the SF 3600 on the second race.


The first over the line was a really big boat for this class, a Jeanneau SO 40 that won in real and compensated time with 1.10.38, followed closely by a JPK10.10 with 1.10.46 (2th in compensated) followed by more 3 JPK 10.10 (1.11.25, 1.11.34, 1.11.39).

No doubt here, the JPK 10.10 is the boat to beat and the fastest boat with this size range but I think it would be interesting to compare the times with some other fast boats with about the same size.

Several Sun Fast 3200: 1.13.40, 1.14.26, 1.14.43, 1.17.01, 1.18.09, 1.18.27.

Several A31: 1.15.50, 1.15.44, 1.17.19, 1.20.51. 

Two Sominou 29: 1.19.31, 1.24.50

Several bigger and older X362s: 1.17.39, 1.18.26, 1.18.38, 1.19.31.

Several other boats including  a J 105 (1.14.43) a J109 (1.15.29) but as they are lonely boats the results are less meaningful regarding the boat performance.

This one was even more dominated by the JPK 10.10, in real and compensated. The first 9 were JPK including a smaller and older 9.60. The times of the first 7 : 3.04.36, 3.05.00, 3.05.14, 3.06.46, 3.06.52, 307.51, 3.07.59.
The first  non JPK was a bigger X362 with 3.10.06 followed by the SO 40 with 3.10.58, another X362 with 3.12.22, the first A31 with 3.13.06 and two SF 3200 with 3.16.06 and 3.19.16.

What can be said except that the domination of the JPK 10.10 is overwhelming, so much that even can compete on the class above (IRC2) without making bad figure.

A movie where we can see the conditions were these results happened : 

Spi 2014 samedi 19 por OuestFranceFR

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  1. Terrific aerial photography and excellent sailing conditions. The Open 5.70 class looks really exciting, blasting downwind on the edge of control. I noted an IMOCA 60 and a couple big multihulls moored in the marina, but couldn't see which ones they were. Too bad there wasn't any IRC footage, though. Thanks for posting!