Tuesday, April 8, 2014


And it has been a great race!!! No wonder with all the stars mixed with the new talents. For the ones that don't know what this is about, it is a duo Transat on Figaro 2 class racers. Most sailors, if not all, are professionals and what is amazing is that some of the stars of the big Open 60's racers (IMOCA) and  Multi 50 are not afraid to leave their big boats and come to fight with equal arms with the kids from the new generation, on the small Figaro. The Figaro 2 are made by Beneteau and are solo or short crew racers, in this case, two for each boat.

Just have a look at the big guns that we see most of the time in bigger boats: Jean Le Cam, Kito De Pavant, Roland Jourdain, Michel Desjoyeux, that come to fight with the specialists in Figaro like Fabien Delahaye, Erwan Tabarly, Gildas Morvan, Jeanne Gregoire and some younger talents. They are only 15 teams, but 15 dam good teams. You need only to see how close they are and how many have already lead the race. You can follow their fight almost live on the race tracker:

One of the favorites, Gildas Morvan is already out of the race with a broken mast ( a broken shroud). Younger teams are leading: 1st Gahinet/Meilhat, 2nd Lunven/Péron. Remember that crazy video on a storm at the beginning of this blog?, that's right it was Lunven/Péron training for this race...and it seems they have trained well :-)

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